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by samyaoo 山姆搖


Louise Gardiner
"Leather Spontaniums"
(Free Machine Embroidery, Applique and Painting on Canvas.)



please don’t tease carnivorous plants like this!!!! it takes enormous amounts of their energy to dissolve the insects that they need to survive and it takes days to process them!!! when you do this you’re wasting all of their energy and pretty much starving them!!!!!

but they’re… not conscious? so you might kill your plant but it’s not like the plant cares. it would suck for you, of course, because carnivorous plants are really cool, but it’s not like they’re gonna be sad at you…?

it’s just respectful to be kind to all forms of life since carnivorous plants aren’t doing anything bad to you
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The Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar, is a holy and important site which Buddhists frequent in large numbers. A gold leaf covered boulder precariously balances on the edge of a cliff, and pilgrims come to worship this astonishing defiance of gravity. It is said that a single Buddha hair exists under the rock.

Marie Ochi aka Orijiiro (Japanese)    Paintings: Watercolors